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Glow in the dark paint

Glow in the dark paint can be used in all kinds of fun crafts and projects. One of my project this weekend, with glow in the dark paint is a fun Light Switch Sitting Fairy in Sophia’s nursery .It teaches kids about phosphorescence that’s a plus.

Our glow in the dark pigment powder mixed with acrylic paint turns in to an extraordinary experience for them and increases their creativity and ours.

Ingredients and equipment:

*Glow in the Dark Powder

*Paint medium (water-based paint, fabric paint, wall paint, oil based, or latex-based)

*Mixing bowl (I used a plastic plate)

*Spoon or wooden sick to stir

*Plastic tablecloth (to protect the surfaces)

*Measuring spoons or scale

*Paint brush

How to make glow paint:

Mix glow in the dark powder with your medium paint thoroughly for a good couple of minutes. The powder will not dissolve, and please make sure no lumps remain.

You’ll want to place 1-part powder to 5 parts paint (or 20% by volume of glow powder to medium paint) The more powder you add, the stronger the glow effect, but this will also thicken the paint. You can check this by charging the mix under direct sunlight or using an UV lamp for a quick charge. Water based paint is the simplest option.

You can also mix the powder with dark colors, but the mixture will not glow as brightly. Best to use the glow in the dark powder with light color medium paint. Store the unused paint in an air-tight container and next time when you want to use it, stir well before use.