Mopa Crafts

Making your eyeshadow at home can be a fun and rewarding process. If you want to avoid chemicals or you have a sensitive skin or just create your own eyeshadow colour.DIY cosmetics are geting more and more populare.To be honest making shimmery eyeshadows is very easy. Mainly because you use mica powders to achive the look and mica powders are very easy to work with.


*mica powder color of your choice( you can also mix more colours togeter to achive a personalise shade)

*small bowl (where to mix the powders)

*a plastic spoon to mix

*a lip balm container where to store the eyeshadow

*powder binder (usually cames in spray or liquid form and can be purchase online.)

If you are using more the one colour for you eyeshadow, then put equal amonds of each colour in a bowl. It dosen’t matter how much mica you are using as long as you use equal amond of each colour. Mix well to combine.Some peaple like to use a coffee grinder to do this but you can use a spoon as well. Whatever is more comfortable for you.

Because we are in the midle of September I going to make a worm autumn themed shade.I’m going to mix our Interfetenze white bronze mica powder with Brown and Gold.

Add the powder binder to the mica mixture, drop/spray by drop/spray and mix well untill it achives the consistence on wet sand.

Transfer the wet powder to an empty lip balm container. To make this smooth looking place a paper towel on top of the eyeshadow and place a coin on top.It can be any coin as long as is the size of the container. Slowly press down on the coin so the shadow under it becams compact. Do this until the entire top of the shadow has been pressed.Leave the container with the paper towel on top until dry. Once is dry your eyeshadow is ready to use.