Mopa Crafts

Melt and pour soap with pigments is fun,easy and quick. Whether you want a new hobby, or to make fun gifts for friends, family or same eye catching soap for kids to play in the bathtub.

In this bumblebee soap I used Saffron Yellow pigment

Here is what you need:

*500g package of melt and pour soap base

*mica pigment powder for colour

*fragrance oil

*a soap mould

*rubbing alcohol in spray bottle (to eliminate bubbles)

*microwave safe container 

In this butterfly soap I used Wisteria pigment powder

If you don’t have a soap mould don’t worry you can use whatever mould you have at home.Figure out how much soap base you will need.Some soap moulds explicitly note how many ounces/grams of soap they hold, while others don’t. You can also try this trick: fill ap your mould with water then carefully pour the water from your mould into a larger measuring glass. This should tell you roughly how many ounces\grams of soap base you will need to fill your mould.

In this dinosaur soap I used Purple Iris and Green Persian pigment

Cut your soap base in to cubs if you haven’t bought a precut one. This will help the soap melt faster and more evenly.A very easy way to melt your base is to place your soap base in a microwave safe container and microwave it in 15 second interval, stirring after each interval until your soap has melted all the way.

Keep an eye on your soap as it is melting in the microwave, it can really foam over. Soap heated for too long can lose its moisture, and you don’t want that.Or if you don’t have a microwave you can water bath.

in this ladybug soap I used Bumblebee Yellow pigment

Soap may have a few bubbles in, but that is okay. Once this is done, you will want to work relatively quickly to complete the next steps.
Add in your fragrance oil and stir (depending on the fragrance that I use I pour  6/10 drops per soap).

Add you pigment colour of choice and stir very well.

Pour the soap into your moulds. If the top of your soap is left with bubbles once you’ve poured it, you can remove those bubbles by spraying a spritz or two of rubbing alcohol about 5-10 inches away from your soap.

In this ladybird soap I used Red Wine pigment

 Now it is time to wait and resist the temptation to touch your soap until is hardened. Usually I will live it over night but depending on the mould size this will take from one to three hours to harden.

In this Halloween soap I used Chinese Red and Black Pearl pigment

When is ready pop your soap out of your mould and enjoy! If you find your soap doesn’t want to slide out of your mould , try sticking the mould into the freezer for several minutes . The soap will shrink a bit and should pop right out!