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Normal manicure or gel manicure?

While gel manicures look just like your regular old mani, the added benefits are that they last longer and feel sturdier. Plus, the beauty of a gel manicure is that anyone can get one, whether your nails are super short or super long.

Can I use glow in the dark with normal polish?

The answer is yes you can. You have to use a base coat, this will make it easier to remove the glow in the dark polish later on.

Glow stick or glow in the dark powder?

Unlike other nail polish made from glow sticks, Glow in the Dark Powder mixed with nail polish or gel polish will never lose its glow. You will, however, have to recharge it under natural or artificial light for a few minutes. Here is a list of what you will need:

Drop two to three ball bearings into the clear nail polish bottle

The ball bearings will help the Glow Powder mix better with the polish.

Pour in the glow in the dark pigment powder.

How to mix the glow in the powder with your nail polish:

In the absence of a funnel, roll a scrap of paper into a cone. Stick the pointy end down the neck of the nail polish bottle, and pour your glow in the dark powder into it. Shake it up for a few minutes to ensure the glow powder and the nail polish are well mixed and there are no streaks. You may hear the ball bearings rattling inside; they are ensuring a thorough mix.

Paint your nails

1. use a clear or a light base coat

2. use your glow in the dark nail polish

3. To finish use a clear top coat