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Making your slime with Mica Powder is a fun learning activity and a great opportunity for kids and adults to play and learn about chemistry. Is incredibly easy to make and the ingredients are easy to find.

Include it as an activity with your kids at the next party or rainy Sunday. Makes a fun gift to give away together ready-made pots or as DIY kit.

Pigment powders work well in slime. They will add a lovely shiny effect and a great depth of colour. You can make them as a single colour or mix different colours for unicorn or rainbow variations.

How To Make Slime with Mica Powder
Slime with Mica Powder Pigment

Here are the list of Ingredients and Equipment:

  • 5oz school glue
  • 2 teaspoons saline contact solution (must contain boric acid otherwise the recipe will not work)
  • Pigment Powder (highly recommend gold. The result is SOO Shinny)
  • Glitter (please try to use biodegradable). This is just optional
  • Shaving cream
  • Measuring spoons
  • Spoons or stick for mixing
  • Bowl for mixing
  • Container for storing(air-tight)
How To Make Slime with Mica Powder


Combine the glue, and shaving cream into the mixing bowl and mix until there are no dry spots left. Now you can add the pigment powder to the mix slowly and mix. Keep adding mica powder until you get the color desired. You can add glitter for more sparkles.

After the pigment powder has mixed well is time to add in the contact solution. Add in the first teaspoon and mix it well. The slime will start to get sticky and clumpy. Add in the second teaspoon and mix again. Now the slime will start to ball up around the spoon.

After the contact solution has been mixed in, you can use your hands to blend the slime. In the beginning, this will be a little sticky, but soon it will become stretchy and smooth.

Use an air-tight container to store you slime and make sure you only play with it on clean surfaces.