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Pigment Powders are the ideal colorant for coloured candles, wax melts, soap, and many other crafting projects. When applied to your creative works, it shimmers beautifully. A high shimmer factor becomes evident upon mixing the powder with mediums used for nail polish and makeup. This powder will not be susceptible to fading, as it does not migrate or bleed.

The downside, because the powders do not dissolve, if not used correctly it will clog the wick. I always recommend experimenting first on a small batch, until the desired effect is achieved. After you mastered the technique, this powder will turn a regular candle into a luxury product. If you are a beginner then start small, you can use mica to decorate the outside of pillar candles. After your pillar is created you can then, use the mica on the outer portion of your candle. This shimmery mixture can be used to provide a beautiful sparkle on the outside of your candles. If you are making container candles you can sprinkle the mica on top of your wax after it is fully cooled and gently smear it in with your finger or you can add an extremely small amount to your melted wax and stir in with fragrance.

Pigment powders tend to work best when used with soy wax, if using beeswax, make sure to purchase it in white (not the typical yellow), even if you will be using a dark shade to color your candles.

Ingredients and equipment:

  • Mica powder pigments
  • Candle wax (flakes, pellets, or blocks)
  • Candle wicks (pre-waxed are recommended)
  • Candle moulds
  • Wax melting equipment double boiler, microwave or dedicated crockpot are commonly used
  • Essential oils, herbs, or other scent and adornment materials optional


As always start by positioning your wicks into the candle mold. Here, ensures the metal piece is laid flat against the bottom and cut to the desired height. Use the skewers for holding the candlewicks. For keeping everything in place, you need to tape the ends of the skewers.

Next, melt the wax as per the directions in your recipe, or the instructions on the package. You should occasionally stir by using a metal spoon.

Add the Mica Powder to your wax while in a liquid state and combine thoroughly. Add in any scented oil, herbs, or other adornments guided by your recipe instructions. Pour the candle mixture into your moulds and allow them to cure following the instructions in your recipe.