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Manicure with Pigment powder adds a rich coating to the nails, transforming your base color shade into something totally chic. Saying that I would like to start off with a problem.

Why aren’t my nails drying by now? or why may gel is not curing? Is something wrong with the pigment powder? NO there is nothing wrong with the pigment powder and there is nothing wrong with your polish or gel.

As a rule, with any gel polish application, the thicker the application the less efficient the cure.  This also applies with regular polish…it takes longer to dry the thicker layers. It is incorrect to imagine 2 thick coats will be better than 3 or 4 thin ones, for a start you will get lifting sooner and it will not be as hard wearing. 

There are a few more things that can go wrong:

1. lamp needs to be stronger or new bulbs

2. you’re adding too much pigment to the gel

3. you’re applying your gel too thick

Manicure with pigment powder

How to mix

When you add another source to gel, hard gel, gel polish etc. it does not matter.

You are disturbing the chemical makeup of the gel\polish, you are adding an additional product which will inhibit the UV/Led light to penetrate and cure or if is a normal polish to dry. So, we need to be mindful on the amount you add.

When you start mixing pigment powder into gel or polish, you only need the smallest amount.

A very small amount goes a long way. I know sometimes it will seem that your polish\gel is discoloured. You start mixing and nothing happens.

It’s just a discoloured colour and the first instinct is to add more. Please do not, STOP there and give it a chance. Keep mixing, eventually the colour will break down and get stronger. If you still feel that is decoloured, after has been mixed very well, then add a bit more but when I say a bit more, I mean a tiny in bit and mix well. So, we added that bit more pigment and is still discoloured don’t worry, once you start applying the 3\4 layer the colour will start to pop.

You can also try:

Gel – Using a jar, paint palette or mixing tray, combine a small amount of gel with a small amount of color pigment powder.  Gently mix together.  To avoid bubbles be sure to slowly stir your mixture. 

Acrylic Powder – Combine acrylic powder with small amount of color pigment powder in a small jar and close tightly.  Gently shake the jar to mix both powders together completely. 

Manicure with pigment powder
Manicure with pigment powder