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When it comes to add colour to resin, you need to make sure the colourants are specially designed for epoxy resin and avoid water-based tints. Moisture or additives can lead to unforeseen results. A great alternative to micas is Transparent Pigments. These pigments are vivid, rich, and translucent. You can create subtle tints or translucent colouring of water-clear casting resins.  Most of the time you will find them in bundles of 8,13,15 or 20 beautiful colours that can recreate precious gemstone colours. Only a tiny drop is enough to produce stunning stained glass style effects and are super easy to use.

transparent pigments

How to use (Transparent Pigments) :

  • Prepare all materials in advance. Time is always important when working with resins
  • ALWAYS cover your workplace so that no traces are left behind
  • Wear gloves, protective goggles and a breathing mask is fully recemented
  • Mix the resin and hardener at the correct ratio for 3-5min.
  • Cut the tip of the pigment bottle and gently add a small amount. Mix and check if you wish a more concentrate colour. Just please remember to do not add more than 5% colourant, as this will change the mixing ratio.

They are ideal for tinting or pigmenting jewellery, sculptures, resin art, furniture projects and design prototypes with anywhere between a faint hint of colour to a strong, yet still translucent colour that will not fade If you are looking for a metallic pigment, look at our range of Pigment Powders