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We all have that special bouquet that will love to have it forever. For me, it was a mixture off flowers that my 16 months daughter picked in the park and brought home for me this spring.

So how can we preserve them forever? Epoxy resin is the answer.

All you need is your favorite flower, a mould and resin. Learn now on casting flowers in epoxy resin!

Casting flowers in epoxy resin

Can fresh flowers be pressed in resin?

No, the answer is No, please don’t do it. If there is any moisture, the resin might not cure properly, and the flowers will rot inside the resin, so by flowers. You must make sure your flowers are completely dry before using them in resin.

How to press your flowers

Select as many flowers as you’d like and spread them out on clean parchment paper. The pressing is more effective if you do sections of the bouquet. Then, lay the parchment paper with the flowers inside the pages of a heavy book, like a phone book or a textbook. Add another place of parchment paper on top to keep the flowers free of ink and shut the book. Then, weigh it down with something heavy, like a vase or more books. Leave it to dry for seven to 10 days. Once the flowers are flat and dry, you can arrange and frame them however you like!

How to air dry

If you prefer to keep the bouquet as it is, you can air dry them. Tie your bouquet together. Hang the whole bouquet upside down in a cool and dry area. Let all the blooms air dry. It will take a couple of weeks until all the flowers will be dry.

After you dried your flowers all you need to do is mix the resin arrange the flowers in a mould to you liken and wait for the resin to dry.

All resin is a two parts system, a base resin, and a hardener. Before mixing the two parts, please carefully read the instructions and measure carefully. Also, check the time same resin dries in 24h and others in 72h.