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3kg Kit Epoxy Resin 2:1 Ratio


3kg Kit of Epoxy Resin( 2:1 mix Ratio). Ultra Crystal Clear epoxy for deep casting up to 100mm per single layer.

The slow curing of this type of epoxy will avoid cracks and allow you to pour a very deep cast without the risk of overheating and ruin your project.

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3KG Kit Epoxy Resin 2:1 mix ratio​

Mopa Crafts 2:1 epoxy resin is the professional choice for embedding botanicals and deep casting. It has no solvents, is cruelty-freevegan-friendly, and is safe for home use (when the instructions are followed). Designed for pouring into deep silicone moulds, this beautiful and UV stable casting resin can also be used for making river tables, crystal clear jewellery, homewares, woodturning, paperweights, filling knots in wood, and model making.


  • SAFE – safe to use at home, low odour, no solvents
  • DEEP CASTING-a maximum depth of 2”-4” (50-100mm) per layer
  • HARD-WEARING – our toughest resin
  • ULTRA CLEAR – optically transparent with a glass clear quality
  • SLOW –unaccelerated formula for excellent bubble release and avoid cracks
  • SHINY – high gloss, beautiful finish
  • KIND – cruelty-free, vegan-friendly
  • FLORAL – the perfect resin for embedding botanicals

2:1 Ratio Mix Instructions:

Suitable for:

  • Moulding/Casting/Potting/Encasing.
  • Art/Crafts/Jewellery
  • Home Decorations

Pour 2 parts resin and 1 hardener by weight into two cups and then pour those two cups into a third mixing cup. It is extremely important that you mix thoroughly in this cup, making sure you scrape the sides and the bottom of the cup as you stir. Mix for 3-5 minutes or until there are no streaks left in the resin (5-10 minutes in winter). To eliminate the risk of soft spots pour you mixed resin into a new cup and stir for another 20-30 seconds. This eliminates the risk of unmixed resin from the sides or bottom of the first cup from causing soft spots (Please do it!!)


IMPORTANT: When using the Mopa Crafts Epoxy Resin 2:1 fill voids in multiple layers with a maximum depth of 2”-4” (50-100mm) per layer

Allow each layer to cure for at least 8h (do not pour deeper as the resin/hardener mixture may overheat and discolour)

Please allow 72 hours to cure (after 36h the resin will start to thicken and only 72h is safe to touch)

For best result allow the Mopa Crafts Epoxy Resin to self-degas.

Excessive degassing can overheat the resin/hardener mixture, which may result in discoloration.

This is a 2:1 by weight ratio mix of Epoxy Resin. ALWAYS MEASURE!!!!

Do not vary the 2 to 1 ratio for any reason!

Failure to measure precisely will result in sticky or soft castings.

Warning: Never use an electric drill with a mixing attachment to mix this product. This type of mixing will almost always result in an incomplete and cloudy mix.

Mopa Crafts Epoxy Resin performs best at 25°C/75°F