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Hot Pink Glitter For paint Wall Grout Additive


Hot Pink Glitter Paint Additive

  • Net Weight: 100g
  • Suitable for up to 2.5L(Recommended ratio: 100g glitter to 1.5L of paint)
  • Colour: Hot Pink


Recommended ratio: 100g glitter to 1.5L of paint

Step 1: Open your pot of emulsion paint

Step 2. Pour glitter flakes into the paint

Step 3: Stir the glitter flakes into the paint for 3-5min.

Use a circular stirring motion, lifting up and sown as you stir

Step 4: Apply the 1st paint coat to the surface using a roller or brush. If using with wood varnish, apply using a brush

Step 5: Wait for the paint to dry and after apply the 2nd coat. Apply 3rd if necessary, although 2 coats

 Is often adequate

Step 6: Lightly bluff the dried surface using paint buffing pads or nylon scourer to increase glitter coverage


Use higher-sheen finish product such as silk, mid-sheen of gloss. This will give a great glitter sparkle effect

*We highly recommend you do a trial test by adding a small

 Quantity of glitter into your desired paint.

Once mixed apply on to your chosen surface to see if meets your expectations before carrying out your full project.

We take no responsibility for how you use this product.

Apply slowly and carefully

To avoid: Using with acrylic eggshell, one-coat kitchen and bathrooms paints

Do not consume

Keep out of reach of children