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Yellow Neon Glow in the Dark Powder


Glow in the Dark Pigment Powder

Colour: Yellow Neon


Yellow Neon Glow in the Dark Powder
Yellow Neon Glow in the Dark Powder

This series of photo luminescent pigments are made from alkaline earth aluminate, which present themselves in light yellow or yellow green and white and whose luminance colours include; yellow green, blue-green, blue, and purple. This photo luminescent pigment range features high luminance and long afterglow. Currently, this range has the most extensive scope of application and can be used in coatings, inks, paints, plastics, printing paste, ceramics, glass, fibres, and any other transparent medium to achieve the light radiation objective of medium.

Colour: Yellow Neon

Package Contents:

Depending on the choice of the weight you wish to purchase ex:

·        5g bag

·        10g Bag

·        25g bag

·        50g bag

The Powders will be dispatched in a grip seal bag to enable us to offer FREE Postage & Packing.

How to use with paint:

Our powder can be used in water based items such as acrylic varnish, clear wood glue, and wallpaper paste. But can also be used in solvent based items like varnish, yacht varnish, clear resin, nail varnish etc.
it is compatible with many clear base mediums.

Recommended: Place your phosphorescent powder in a bowl. You’ll want to place 1 part powder to 5 parts paint (or 20% by volume of glow powder to paint medium). Pour paint into the bowl. Gradually pour your paint medium over the powder in your bowl. Carefully stir the mixture. You can add more paint to achieve a thinner consistency.

The powder will not dissolve in the paint, so just stir until the mixture is combined and no lumps remain.

If you do want to store your paint, pour it into a sealable container and be sure to stir it well before using it again.

Colours in pictures are guide only. Product appears white before charging with light. Sunlight and UV blacklight charge best. Other lighting will also charge
but takes longer and may not give as bright final results.

The powder is harmless, non-toxic, non-radioactive, non-hazardous