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Casting flowers in epoxy resin

We all have that special bouquet that will love to have it forever. For me, it was a mixture off flowers that my 16 months daughter picked in the park and brought home for me this spring. So how can we preserve them forever? Epoxy resin is the answer. All you need is your favorite […]

How to Clean Resin Tools and Cups

Cleaning up is never fun but is particularly important to learn to clean epoxy resin tools and cups. It is a great way to save money reduce waste making resin art, jewellery, and crafts. Our recommendation is always use hard plastic containers to mix your resin. If you use glass or metal containers and don’t […]

What is pigment powder

Mica Pigment powder for Epoxy Resin Cosmetic grade and safe to use for soap making, candles, wax melts, bath bombs

A pigment is a material that transforms its color as visible light is reflected on it which is called wavelength. A pigment has high color tone that come in solid form which are achieved through exposure from steady, moderate to high temperatures. Pigments have been used during prehistoric times, and the earliest known substances were […]

Why isn’t my epoxy curing?

Epoxy resin 1:1

It is one of the most common questions: why isn’t my epoxy resin curing? After waiting to finish curing you have noticed sticky resin, soft spots, or runny resin (the worst outcome ever). This is a problem that resin beginners and professionals run into from time to time. When mixing your resin and hardener a […]